New Member Proficiency Check

New members are required to perform the following, prior to full MAR/C membership (i.e. authorized to fly solo). This applies to both new members as well as returning members who haven't been active for at least one year prior to re-joining:

  1. Study our Flight Training manual. 
    • Be patient if you are downloading over a slower link.
    • If you prefer PowerPoint instead of PDF, link is here.
  2. Complete the open book online MAR/C Proficiency Check Quiz.
    • You need to log in to the website to take the quiz.
    • All the information you need is in the Flight Training manual.
    • Upon completion of the open book online quiz, your results will be emailed to you, as well as answers to any questions you may have missed.
    • The goal is for you to learn, and have fun! Do your best to answer the questions, and then we'll work with you to get you to 100%.
  3. Review the flight criteria on the first page of the Proficiency Check Flight PDF.
  4. Arrange for a Proficiency Check Flight at the MAR/C field.
    • New members should contact a Flight Instructor listed below, to arrange a time for a Proficiency Check Flight.

Flight Instructors:

  • Eric Benjamin: 425-780-0255
  • Brian Burk: 425-269-8936
  • Brian Kelly (BK1): 425-777-0733
  • Brian Kelly (BK2): 425-417-4272