Flight Proficiency Check

New members are required to demonstrate their flying proficiency and basic safety knowledge before the can fly "solo" without an instructor.  Upon passing, they become "full members".  

This takes the form of a quiz and a Proficiency Check Flight with an instructor or board member.  The quiz can be taken online as shown in steps 1-3 below, or done orally at the same time as the check flight.

This applies to both new members as well as returning members who haven't been active for at least one year prior to re-joining:

  1. Study our Flight Training manual. 
    • Be patient if you are downloading over a slower link.
    • If you prefer PowerPoint instead of PDF, link is here.
  2. Complete the open book online MAR/C Proficiency Check Quiz.
    • You need to log in to the website to take the quiz.
    • All the information you need is in the Flight Training manual.
    • Upon completion of the open book online quiz, your results will be emailed to you, as well as answers to any questions you may have missed.
    • The goal is for you to learn, and have fun! Do your best to answer the questions, and then we'll work with you to get you to 100%.
  3. Review the flight criteria on the first page of the Proficiency Check Flight PDF.
  4. Arrange for a Proficiency Check Flight at the MAR/C field.