Trove of Kits and planes for Sale

I was contacted today by the nephew of the owner of this haul. They are taking it all to the swap meet in Monroe this weekend, but you can have first crack at it by calling the numbers below. They are in north Kirkland.  

Michael Ciolek, the seller's nephew is helping, reach him at 253-514-1310.
Rob Boyer, the owner at. 425-595-0167

All negotiations have to be with Rob, but the nephew can help you schedule a time. 

There is a LOT of stuff, including  two Dave Platt Spitfire kits of different sizes, the larger being 1/5, 3 48” Pitts Special kits by Midwest, and a few others, several Top Flite kits, even a Royal P-38.  Also various Sig and Balsa USA kits.  All the engines in the finished planes are glow. 

Brian (BK1)

Here's the list - the numbers are the wingspan, not prices.  Also pictures below.

Make Wing Span
ACE All Star 34
Acro Sport 50
Acro Star 40
Aero Sport 47.5
Aeromaster 48
Aeromaster 48
Aeromaster 48
Aeromaster 48
Aeromaster  48
astro flight Monterey 100
Balsa USA 60
Birdie 50
Bridi ultimate Kaos 55
Bridi Warlords 49
Corsair  61
Dave Platt Spitfire 65
Dirty Birdie 10 49
Don Dewby's New Era 3 44.5
Don Dewby's New Era 3 44.5
Dynaflite Bird of time 118
Eaa arco sport 50
Falcon 56
Flatana 36
Fokker D-7 58.5
Fokker D-7 58.5
Fokker D-7 58.5
Fun Fly 48
Fun-Fly 47
George Harris Spitfire  64
Giant Aeromaster  73.5
great planes easy sport  40
Jungmeister 60
King Cobra 70
Midwest electric hots  
midwest super stinker 60
Nieuport 73
Pica p-40 86
pica spitfire 65
Pitts Special 48
Pitts Special 48
Pitts Special 48
Platt Jungmeister  60
Proctor Nieuport   
Ryan STA Special 72
SIG Citabria 69
SIG Citabria 69
SIG Liberty Sport 57
SIG Liberty Sport 57
Sig Piper j-3 Cub  105
Sig Skybolt  51
Sig Smith Miniplane 44
Sig Smith Miniplane 44
Sig Something Extra 51.5
Sig Super Chimpmunk 53.5
Smith mini plane 44
Sophisticated lady  78
Spittfire  88
Sterling royal coachman  
Sun Fli 4-20 48
Super Sniffer 48
t Craft  56
t Craft  56
Tauri  Multi RC Trainier 57
Top Flight Headmaster II 48
Top Flite Contender  53
Top Flite Corsair 85.5
top flite headmaster  48
top flite headmaster  48
top flite headmaster 2 48
Top Flite P-51D Mustang 84.5
Top Flite Spittfire  63
Ultimate Carl Goldberg  54
VK Triplane 47
Weekender corsair  29.5
Zagi Fixx