MAR/C August Fun Fly and BBQ

Come join in the fun this August 21, 2021.  This will be a day of fun for pilots of all ages. Events are designed to be both fun and challenging for pilots of various skill levels.  Bring a plane that can be flown slowly to accommodate spot landings and similar maneuvers. The list of events are as follows:

            Spot Landing (STOL) - landing within a target zone.

            Bomb Drop- bombs dropped into defined target zone, knockout style elimination.

            Helium Balloon Pop – a prop strike to a helium balloon.

            Best Formation Flight – practice with your buddy, fly in formation.

            Hover Contest - timed hover.

            Limbo Fly - how low can you go under the Limbo Tape?

Come join in the fun!

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Marymoor R/C Field