Update: New Fun Scale Categories, Dawn Patrols, and Masks

Hi Flyers and Builders. 

 I hope you’ve found time to get out and enjoy the great weather.  It feels great to know that we’re at the beginning of the summer season.  

Read about the NEW Funner scale contest format, Fun Fly, Dawn Patrols, and Masking changes.


Tuesday evening training program has already begun.  In addition, this summer we will host a scale meet on July 17 and a Fun Fly on August 21.  Our youth community is designing the fun-fly events, so you can expect something fun and unusual for everyone to test their flying skills while sharing the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. 

The Scale contest is designed with everyone in mind with two new category’s for ARFs, and stand-off sheet foam “scale”.   We’ll have prizes for all categories

·        Expert Class – All aircraft must be built from plans or kits adding scale detail as needed to represent the full scale airplane.

·        Best Modified ARF – ARF airplanes that have been altered from the original manufacturer’s presentation by changing paint scheme, markings or by adding scale detail.

·        Standoff Foamy – models are to be constructed with sheet foam to represent scale aircraft.

·        Best Flight – awarded for best scores received for required flight maneuvers. 

Dawn Patrols:

Last summer we decided for electrics only we could allow flying at dawn when the park opens, with the understanding that this means QUIET electrics.  This year, that means nothing louder than a 3S powered Timber.  No speed runs with small fast props, and please avoid 3D maneuvers that make a lot of prop noise.  We have new noise sensitive neighbors in the apartments who will by trying to sleep in with windows open, and traditional ones with bird watchers and walkers.  Few things will make our neighbors angrier than having those activities interrupted.  After the recent accidents we really cannot afford any complaints.  

If someone takes the trouble to complain, it usually means there are 10 others that are upset, but didn’t take time to write.  So, if we get even one complaint, we’ll have to put an end to dawn patrols. 

About Masks:

We’ve decided to take down our own sign requiring masks and rely on state and county park rules, since government announcements have been changing.   The King County Parks website says to “recreate responsibly” and still emphasizes a well-fitted face covering, distancing and small groups.  King County is in phase 3; meaning outdoor gatherings are limited to 50 people.  This should not be a problem for us.

What does this mean for us practically?  Distancing is primary.  For masks, common sense and courtesy come to mind since masks and vaccines protect others.  Because of the national CDC guidance, fully vaccinated people may be willing to congregate without masks.  If we’re not wearing it, we should all have a mask ready in case we want to examine or work on a model together.  If you are near anyone who is wearing a mask, then of course you should be considerate of his or her concerns and wear one as well.  We don’t expect anyone to wear masks while flying, due to problems with fogging glasses or sunglasses.  (That creates a different kind of safety problem!)  And it is possible to buddy-box with the instructor just outside the cage.

That’s all for now.  Please keep teaching others how to use fail safe and do range checks. 

Above all, have fun!  See you at the field,

Brian D. Kelly   (BK1)