Windsock Poll Results

Poll Results Pie Chart

The results from the windsock poll are in – effective July 1st we will have two windsocks on the infield. We had a total of 136 votes and the details on the poll results can be seen in the image above. Thanks to everyone for voting and to Brian Burk, Chris Johnson, and Zach Sweetser for helping move the socks to their final resting place. We also bought new windsocks that read much better in calmer wind and are excited to now have those on the flight line right before our unofficial “July 4th” start of summer date in the PNW.

As a quick reminder - please continue to do your best with social distancing at the field. We are super lucky to have been able to re-open and want to keep things running the way they are so we have our field available to us this summer. Try and keep the six foot rule in the back of your head whenever on site and hold others politely accountable as well so we can stay open.

Happy Landings!

MAR/C Board of Directors