Silent Auction: 4 Planes for Sale


Our club has received the generous donation of the 4 aircraft shown below. They all appear to be in flying condition - fully equipped with nitro engines, mufflers, 72mhz receivers, servos - some digital…… It is worth noting that it has been some time since any of these have been flown. Batteries have been removed.

We are offering these birds to club members via a silent auction. If you are interested in one of these, send me an email with your bid. We'll keep the bidding open for a week or more and send out a reminder mid-way through the auction period. All bids must exceed the "reserve price" in order to be considered. All sales final. These planes have all flown as equipped.


Election Results & New Youth Board Member

Hi Folks,

Before getting to the election results, I'm very pleased to announce that the Board has appointed a new Youth Board Member for the next year.  

Please welcome Julien Klockow to his new role!  Many of you know him because he flies often at the field.  If you don't I encourage you to introduce yourself.  His picture will show up on the Contacts page soon.

The election is over, and as you might expect, the 5 candidates for the open 5 positions were elected.  Our Secretary, Mark Weber, has tallied the votes below.

Trove of Kits and planes for Sale

I was contacted today by the nephew of the owner of this haul. They are taking it all to the swap meet in Monroe this weekend, but you can have first crack at it by calling the numbers below. They are in north Kirkland.  

Michael Ciolek, the seller's nephew is helping, reach him at 253-514-1310.
Rob Boyer, the owner at. 425-595-0167