Website updates and reminders

There are a few updates to the club website I want to share, along with a couple reminders:

  • A reminder that as a member with a website login, you can access the Members Only menu, located on the lower left of the home page (see attached screenshot below). Members Only menu has links to additional documents and functionality. You need to be logged in to see the menu; these links are not visible to the general public.
  • Steve Guty made available the aircraft sound data Excel spreadsheet. Click the link from the Members Only menu to download. This data was collected during sound checks performed at the field. It is a useful reference by aircraft model, power, and other dimensions, to help with expectations on passing/failing a sound check.
  • The Club Member Roster is accessed by its link ( on the Members Only menu. This is a way to find other members, searching by name and/or AMA#, and send them a message via the Contact link.
  • From the Club Member Roster, search for your own name, and you can update your login information from the Admin link. Use this to change your password, update your address and phone, change your email, etc.
  • If you forget your password, use the password reset link and enter your email:
  • To pay your 2018 annual membership fee online, log in and click the Membership Annual Fee link ( If you haven't activated your login on the new website yet, use the same password reset link as above.
  • Finally, you can also now use your email address as your username in the login page.

For help, or sending feedback, use the Contact link at the bottom of the home page (, or send an email to

Thanks and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Members only menu