Safety Letter - Competence, Courtesy and Common Sense


First, my new role as the club’s safety coordinator for 2011 is primarily as a safety ‘conscience’ rather than an ‘enforcer’ of field operating rules.  It must be the individual responsibility of each member to fly within both the AMA Safety Code and our club’s field operating rules.

Kitsap ARCS Club Break-in


The Kitsap ARCS radio control club was broken into on the evening of Tuesday Feb 1st.

Stolen items were two club trainers, Transmitters and a Water Pump.

Flight Training


The Flight Training Program will be conducted every Tuesday evening (5 PM to sunset) starting May 17 and finishing September 13. New pilots and returning pilots that need to brush up on skills are encouraged to join the program. Questions should be directed to the Flight Training Manager, Patrick Pranica 425-868-9354, or Mike Powell 425-883-2465,

Marymoor Park Parking Permits


Marymoor Park parking permits may be purchased from King County for 2 months ($20), 3 months ($30), 6 months ($55) and 12 months ($100).


MAR/C Board Election Results


I'm pleased to announce the results of the voting for MAR/C Board members.

Flying with First Person View (FPV)


We are seeing an increased interest in FPV flight operations. This type of R/C flight is conducted using an on-board camera and flight information data linked to either a laptop and/or to special eyewear. This type of R/C flying presents some problems and concerns that we have not faced previously. As a result, AMA regulations, and therefore our Operating Rules, require that all FPV operations be conducted as follows (Ref. AMA Document #550):

Boy Scouts Painting Tables & Benches


October 9th (Saturday) at 9:00 AM Ryan Badley and a group of Boy Scouts will be painting our picnic tables and the benches along the fence.  We appreciate their time and effort to make our field better.  Please make them feel welcome and allow them to get this much needed job accomplished.

Forum Categories & EDF Brakes


At the September MAR/C club meeting, a member asked if the website forum could be expanded to add new categories and if a chat category could be added. The answer is that the forum can be expanded to add new categories. Members should send potential new categories to However, a chat category will not be added as discussed below.

All information is reviewed and approved by a MAR/C web team member before it appears on the website. This prevents inappropriate content from being shown.

New Rules Now In Effect


The new operating rules go into effect on 1 September, as planned. We will be using temporary signs until the Park can produce permanent signs which should take them about 2 weeks.




There is a video circulating on the web regarding a collision between a full scale aircraft and a giant scale model.  I hesitate to recommend that you search out this video, because of the language may be objectionable to some.  However, the incident deserves our consideration because it is the first documented incidence of such a collision (as far as I know) and is no doubt receiving the full attention of the FAA.

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