Pre-flight and Post-flight Checks


Always check the direction of control surfaces before flying. It is very difficult to fly with the elevator or rudder or ailerons reversed. You say how can that happen?

   A. Ailerons plugged into the opposite channel.

   B. The most common now is not changing the model in the transmitter to match the model being flown.

Covering Exchange


If you have covering material (Monokote, UltraCote, etc.) that you would like to buy, sell or swap, use the new Covering Exchange category in the Forum.

Respect the Propeller


One of the most dangerous items in our hobby is the propeller. When it is turning it can do terrible damage. Flesh and bone is no match for it.


The other day at the field I was amazed at how some modelers will reach over the propeller to plug in the battery on their electric aircraft. A transmitter or receiver that is on can cause the unintentional start up of the motor.


2012 MAR/C Pilot Certification Requirements for new and returning members.


With the increase of new members and those returning from being away for awhile, the board of directors is asking that all members maintain proficient flight skills that meet or exceed the AMA and the Marymoor RC Club conditions for flight safety. That means it is mandatory that every club member must have a firm knowledge of AMA and MAR/C rules and regulations. Also they must know where to find them and how to adhere to these flight safety requirements while they are operating and flying on our field.

Club Officers


Club officers elected at the December board meeting for 2012 are:

President - Jack Fiscus
Vice President - Al Watson
Treasurer - Steve Guty
Secretary - Lucienne Wu



A recent injury that occurred at the field highlights the need to observe specific safety precautions when flying electrics.  The flyer was attempting to disconnect the motor battery when he accidently bumped the throttle stick on the transmitter.  The motor started and the prop cut his hand and arm.



You are probably as tired of hearing about this subject as I am writing to you about it. However, we are once again receiving complaints of over flights of the condominiums to the East of the field. By this,  I mean the actual flight of model airplanes over the residence area. This means that the East Lake Sammamish Parkway is being over flown, as well. The impact of an R/C model incident in these locations would be catastrophic. We are continually made aware of the closure of fields in the areas surrounding Seattle. We are not immune to similar action.

2011 Election Results


Everett Dixon, Steve Guty and Patrick Pranica were elected to the MAR/C Board of Directors to serve a term of 2012 – 2014. 

UW Aero Design Class 2011 UAV


At the October Club meeting, Chuck Bower, President of Whidbey Island R/C Society, presented the UAV model designed by the University of Washington aeronautics design class. The model has a strut braced wing and is powered by twin EDFs. Click on the Videos tab to see Chuck flying the UAV. Also see Gallery photos, Meeting Oct 20.

Flight Proficiency Check


Begining with the 2012 membership year, all new members that want to fly solo will be required to pass a flight proficiency check. See the Flight Proficiency Check tab for details.

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