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Starting in 2016, AMA will be changing over to a “Rolling year” membership calendar. That means, for example, if you join AMA in March, your AMA membership will expire the following March.

MAR/C September Bulletin


Items of general interest from the August Board of Director's meeting:


Fall club meeting date changes


Fall Club Meeting Dates: The September, October and November meeting dates have moved from their normal third Thursday dates:

MAR/C August Newsletter




August 2015 NEWSLETTER

MAR/C July Newsletter


Items of general interest from the July Board of Director's meeting:

Lost Club Trainer in the tall grass


The Club Trainer (Sig Senior Cadet) was lost in the tall grass on Tuesday June 30th due to a wing failure. If you locate the plane please contact any board member.

MAR/C Sport Scale Content and BBQ, Sat July 11


We'll be holding a Sport Scale Contest on Saturday, July 11 at the field from 9am to 4pm. Cash prized for 1st, 2nd and 3rd plane. Details can be found here:

President's Letter April 2015


With a new flying season fast upon us, I hope everyone is remembering to check any equipment that was stored for the winter carefully, cycle your radio batteries, and make sure any minor end-of season damage has been fully repaired. It's pretty surprising how many things can start to work their way loose, even on electrics. 

Along with your prep work, I'd like to bring everyone up to speed on some recent developments, both good and bad: 

President's Letter August 2014


Lost and (not) Found

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the number of posted notices at the field about items left at the field, which are staying missing. As a club, I would hope we have more of a sense of shared responsibility to each other to have moved beyond a “finders, keepers” attitude.

President's Letter July 2014


" I have made this letter longer than usual, only because I have not had the time to make it shorter."—Blaise Pascal

Lots of stuff happening, so in the spirit of the above quote, forgive me if this is a relatively long missive.

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