New Member Proficiency Check

New members are required to perform the following, prior to full MAR/C membership (i.e. authorized to fly solo):

  1. Review the flight criteria on the first page of the Proficiency Check Flight PDF.
  2. Complete the open book MAR/C Proficiency Check Quiz.
    • The quiz is located on pages two and three of the Proficiency Check Flight PDF.
    • Bring the completed quiz to your Proficiency Check Flight.
  3. Arrange for a Proficiency Check Flight at the MAR/C field.
    • New members must contact two of the Flight Instructors listed below, to arrange a time for a Proficiency Check Flight.

Flight Instructors:

  • Brian Kelly (aka BK2) 425-417-4292
  • Mike Powell 425-883-2465
  • Doug Hales 425-392-2212
  • Henry Wakeling 206-475-9051
  • Doug Hurley 425-273-1651