Join MAR/C


We invite you to join the Marymoor Radio Control (MAR/C) Club, enjoy flying at the field, and participate in club activities.

MAR/C members must hold a current Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Open membership, or AMA Junior/Youth membership valid the entire calendar year of MAR/C membership. You may join the AMA online at the AMA website, or apply at a local hobby shop. You may join MAR/C only after joining AMA. 

***Annual MAR/C membership is contingent upon the member having full AMA membership for at least the full calendar year of MAR/C membership.***

***AMA Park Pilot membership does not qualify for MAR/C membership.***

***Three month AMA Trial membership does not qualify for MAR/C membership.***

The annual membership fee is $60 for adults, and $15 for Junior/Youth (under age of 19 on July 1st of the membership year). MAR/C membership is issued for one (1) calendar year, from January 1st through December 31st. Dues paid on or after 1 October are credited for the following calendar year.

New applicant membership fee applies for the current membership year. New members are required to demonstrate flight proficiency prior to full (authorized to fly solo) MAR/C membership.



***Once you have set up your account, in order to become an active pilot at MAR/C, you must complete a valid proficiency check which is administered by any one of our board members. This check is required for any new member or re-joining member who hasn't been active for at least the previous year of membership. Please follow this link for all pertinent info on this process.***

***All Active Junior MAR/C members (under the age of 19 on July 1st of the membership year) are required to check in annually before the end of the calendar year in order to maintain their Active Junior status, which permits them to fly solo. By checking in, the member affirms that he or she has maintained flight proficiency.***

***For both new and renewing members, it takes up to 10 days to process your membership if you sign up online, and up to 20 days if you sign up using the paper membership form. Once processing is complete, you will receive your MAR/C badge.***


Click on REGISTER and provide the requested information, then click on Create New Account. It can take 1 or 2 days to verify your AMA and process your account registration. Once processed, you will receive an email containing a link to activate your MAR/C account; click on the link and follow the instructions. You will now see a Membership Annual Fee link on the left side of the website home page. Click on this to pay for your membership. The preferred method of payment is PayPal.


paper membership form also may be used. Download the form, print it out, follow the instructions, and contact the Membership Coordinator (e-mail address is at the bottom of the form) for the mailing address. Applicants must include a copy of their AMA card.


If you are not signed in, click on the Sign In button below, and click on the Membership Annual Fee link to renew your membership, using PayPal as the payment method.

Alternately, you may mail a check to the Membership Coordinator (contact information below).



Commencing January 1, 2019, all Full Junior members (previously white card holders) will be issued annual membership cards in the color of the relevant year, similar to those of Adult Full Members, rather than the current white card. They will be required to file notice of Active Status (check in) with the club prior to the end of each year in order to be issued an annual membership card for the subsequent year.

The Junior check-in page is located here: Junior Check-in


If you let your membership expire, you can reactivate it by paying the current year's membership fee. Your website account is retained for a period of time, and then expires. If expired, you will not be able to log in, and you will need to re-register as a new member (see above).

MAR/C requires proficiency check flights for all new members. A new member is defined as someone who has not been a member for at least one calendar year immediately preceding the year of application. For more information please see Proficiency Check Flight.



Questions may be directed to Eric Benjamin, MAR/C Membership Coordinator: