MAR/C 2018 Board of Directors Election

UpdateThe club election for the 2018 Board of Directors has closed. Based on the total votes cast for each candidate, the three 3-year term positions will be filled by Doug Hales, Stephen Guty, and Walle Ralkowski. John Vice will serve the remaining year of Tim Louden’s term. Congratulations and thanks to all of the candidates for contributing their time and energy to our great club!

The 2018 Board of Directors Election includes four positions, with six candidates. Three of the positions are 3-year terms, and one is the remainder of Tim Louden's term.

We are using BallotBin to run our election this year. This is a free and secure site designed for club elections.

When voting begins this Monday morning, November 6th, you will receive a separate email from Please check your junk mail (aka SPAM) folder, in case it gets filtered. The subject of the email will be "MAR/C 2018 Board of Directors Election".

Each eligible voter (i.e. you hold a 2017 or 2018 badge) will receive an email with a unique link to the online ballot. You can vote for up to four candidates.

Voting will conclude Friday evening, 1 minute before midnight. The results will be announced at the next general meeting, November 16th.

The following six club members have been nominated as candidates. They are listed alphabetically, with a short biography and a link to their photo:

Stephen Guty

I've been involved with R/C flight since high school.   Before moving to the PNW, I was a member of the Pennsylvania Avenue R/C Society and the Mid-Hudson R/C Club. I've been on the MAR/C board since 2008 as treasurer, vice president, and president, as well as a volunteer training program instructor. 
I've tried to be fair, objective, and open in guiding the club through some interesting challenges regarding new technologies and an ever-encroaching development of our region. I've worked to develop and maintain a good working relationship with the park and our neighbors, and to encourage community outreach. 
Next year's board biggest challenges will be the renewal of the agreement with the park, and dealing with the 200+ unit apartment being built at the east end of our field. I'd like a chance to address those issues on your behalf.

Doug Hales

I am a retired Westin Hotel and Resorts Managing Director.  I am a full scale pilot as well as an R/C pilot.  I am a 1st LT in the Civil Air patrol (Washington Wing) and I have volunteered for that organization both here and in Texas since 1983.  
I have been a member of the MAR/C since 1992 when I completed the club training program.  I like to fly mostly electric foamies however I built my first model, a Sig 20 Four Star, during our general meeting show and tell last winter. I fly models from 3lbs to 10lbs. I also fly a DJI Mavik, a photo drone, I use to take vacation photos. 
I have completed a three year term as MAR/C club secretary and I have managed the club training program along with an incredible bunch of MAR/C volunteers for the last three summers. We are considered one of the best club training programs in AMA.  I want to continue to serve on the board because of my interest in promoting the sport of R/C flying, and preserving flying sites in our communities.  I believe that our flying field at Marymoor is a privilege that has to be protected by maintaining an excellent relationship with King County Parks and its users. I also believe our club must continue to grow with the implementation of new ideas and new features. I was instrumental in promoting the addition of our field electrical charging station and the club Facebook page.  
I would appreciate your vote.

Walle Ralkowski

I have been on the MARC Board of Directors as the field maintenance manager for 4-5 years (I took over Everett’s position when he retired) and enjoy keeping our field in good shape along with the members that volunteer to help. I intend to help keep the field in great condition and to promote a continued good relationship with the Marymoor Park staff.

Note: I started airplane modeling (static and control line) during my youth. I presently have the following fixed wing planes: Sbach (glow), Astrohog (kit built- glow), World Model “Groovy 3A” (glow), Sukhoi  (electric), Warthog ( electric) and a Ultrasport 60 (kit under construction (glow).

John Vice

My name is John Vice.  I am a candidate for re-election to the MARC Board of Directors.  I currently serve as Membership Coordinator, completing my second year in that capacity.

In my native South Africa, many years ago I built and flew a wide variety of models, UC, FF and ultimately RC.  The RC models were single channel with escapement motivated rudder-only controls.

I left South Africa in 1961 and the responsibilities of a young family and the demands of my Construction Management career precluded active participation in my RC interests. My interest in aviation remained undiminished however, and along the way I participated briefly, with a partner, in the building of a Home-Built light aircraft, a Gardan GY 20 Minicab.  I also hold a PP/SEL flying license, now very inactive!.

 I came to the Pacific NW 30 years ago and for many of those years we enjoyed cruising on our sailboat.  We sold our boat in 2008 and I returned to my first hobby, aeromodelling.  I joined the AMA and MARC in 2007 and have been very active ever since.  I currently fly either my kit-built Astrohog or my Escapade ARF, both IC powered.  My interests are in traditional building from kits or plans.

I am willing, if elected, to continue to serve the Club as Membership Coordinator.

Henry Wakeling

My son and I are active members of the club and regularly attend the monthly club meetings as well as instructors during the summer learn to fly evenings. I would consider myself still relatively new to flying but through enjoy flying different types of planes in my ever growing fleet. My interest in the club is to see membership grow and work with fellow board members ensuring we remain appelaing to all age groups and gender. My personal focus for the club is to further leverage our younger flying members and ensure the club continues to appeal for future generations to come.

Al Watson

I began building and flying control line models as a very young boy and started flying R/C in the late 60’s at the original flying field in Marymoor Park.  I credit my interest in model airplanes and aviation in general for leading me to a 36-year career in engineering with the Boeing Company.

I have been an AMA Contest Director and Leader Member for many years, served as an Associate VP and served on several technical committees.

My main interest in R/C was Pylon Racing, where I competed at the National level for 25 years until retirement in 2000.  Since then my main interest has been turbine powered jet models and gas/electric sports models.

I was Vice President of MAR/C in 1980 – First year the club was formed.  I served on the Board a number of times and was President in 2003 and 2004.

The Club must be proactive and do whatever is necessary to be good citizens in the park, as well as respecting our neighbors at the park boundaries.  Failure to do this could result in loss of the field.  My main priority, if elected, would be to assure that the Club takes whatever action to protect and preserve this facility for the membership at large.