President’s message regarding noise and overflight complaints


The park has received a complaint from our birdwatching neighbors that our planes regularly overfly the area to the west of our field. The complaint, received last Saturday late afternoon, also cited excessive noise from the plane(s) in question, which would indicate that one or more large-displacement gas-powered planes were the source of the complaint. Please remember that we have a strict 90 dB noise limit, and that all gas-powered (as well as large-displacement glow-powered) planes must be certified as compliant to use our field. If you can’t produce a sticker certifying the plane, it can’t be flown at our field until it has been tested (and passed) on the ground. I’d encourage all members to question models that seem overly loud, and ask to see the required sticker. 

At the risk of belaboring the obvious, if you really feel you have to fly both big and loud, at least make an extra effort to keep your flights well within bounds. It’d be a real loss to the entire aeromodelling community in the Seattle region if we lost the field due to the actions of one or two irresponsible individuals. Anyone who can't abide by our boundary and noise restrictions is welcome to take their plane(s) elsewhere. 

A couple years ago the board had considered size restrictions on aircraft at our field. That proposal was dropped after assurances were made by our big-bird contingent that they would take an active role in policing their own.

I’d hate to have to go down that path again, but if it comes down to that, or losing the field for everyone, it’s not going to require a lot of deep analysis. If we have further complaints on the noise front, we'll have to look at lowering that limit further, to 87 or even 85 dB.

Let’s be smart, as well as good neighbors, on this front. Replicating our facility anywhere this close to major Puget Sound population centers would likely prove impossible. Let’s all do our part to keep it. 

If you need to have a new plane tested, please contact either me, John Hurley, or Mike Powell, and we’ll be glad to arrange a sound check for you.

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