Pre-flight and Post-flight Checks


Always check the direction of control surfaces before flying. It is very difficult to fly with the elevator or rudder or ailerons reversed. You say how can that happen?

   A. Ailerons plugged into the opposite channel.

   B. The most common now is not changing the model in the transmitter to match the model being flown.

   C. Check your clevis pins especially if they are nylon. I’ve seen them wear right off. It can be embarrassing
       to be doing a diving pass and when you pull up and the plane continues to go down.

   D. After a rough landing, check to see if everything is still attached properly such as the horizontal and
       vertical fins. See if the landing gear is still attached well.

Try to shorten your downwind leg of your landing approach; otherwise, the following embarrassing incident may occur. During the club fun fly, I was landing from the right and somehow managed to fly through the tree off of the end of the runway. I didn’t even notice it . As I was approaching the runway I noticed that my plane was not responding well and had a heck of a time getting to the runway. As I landed, the engine was making an unusual amount of noise. I immediately shut it down. One half of the prop was gone and the muffler was hanging down. I quickly replaced the prop and screwed the muffler back on for the next event. The engine still had a strange sound. After the flight I removed the muffler and found the motor mount bolts loose. So the message is whether you fly through a tree or have a hard landing in the brush, check over your aircraft well, there could just be another accident waiting to happen.

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