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Starting in 2016, AMA will be changing over to a “Rolling year” membership calendar. That means, for example, if you join AMA in March, your AMA membership will expire the following March.

However, due to some unique issues with our MAR/C membership system, your club board has elected to stay with the “Calendar year” based system we are all familiar with for MAR/C membership. So, unless you have already renewed, your MAR/C card expires December 31st.

Because AMA provides liability insurance for both members and the club as an organization, maintaining one’s AMA membership is critical to operating at our field. King County Parks requires this coverage as part of our lease agreement. And it is a membership requirement at MAR/C. Basically, No AMA, No Field!

With the change made by AMA to a rolling membership calendar, each MAR/C member could conceivably have a different AMA expiration date. Given the importance of AMA coverage, we are adding a new feature to the MAR/C membership cards starting in 2016. We will now imprint your AMA expiration date on your MAR/C card. We will also be including a much larger numeral, visible at a distance, that indicates the month your AMA expires.

The goal here is so we can all pitch in to make sure we keep the field, and keep it safe. If you see someone at the field who’s card says their AMA expired in Month “4” (April) and its well into month “6” (June), challenge that guy. Let him know he shouldn’t be flying until he gets his AMA card renewed. Remember, this is YOUR club. Protect it!

To summarize - If your AMA has expired, you are ineligible to fly at MAR/C regardless if your MAR/C membership is paid up for the year.

If your AMA expires mid-year, be sure to contact the MAR/C membership coordinator for a new card each time you renew your AMA.. Thanks for your support.

Quick notes from the September board meeting:

  • The meeting focused mostly on administrative matters pertaining to membership issues arising from the AMA's new membership procedures. For details please refer to the Minutes of the meeting posted on the Website.
  • A comment was made that some club members feel that the Board of Directors deliberations are concealed from the membership at large. Please remember that any member is welcome to be present at any BOD meeting which take place at DigiPen on Willows Road teh second Wednesday of the month at 7pm. Also the minutes of the meetings are published promptly on the Website if you want full details.
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