MAR/C Safety Recommendations


Now that we are into another flying season, there are some considerations that we should address. As you all know, the terrain surrounding the field is considerably hostile, blackberry bushes, nettles, and what is left is tall and easy to either get lost in or fall down and have a heck of a time getting back up. There are a number of trees out there that are always inviting our aircraft for a visit and occasionally we error and our plane ends up out there in the wild.

Many of us are advancing in age and should take a few precautions when seeking our plane

1. Always let someone know you are going out searching.

2. It is best to have someone go with you.

3. Have a cell contact person in the are to call in an emergency.

4. In hot weather it is very important to take water with you.

5. If someone has a plane or quad with a camera, ask them to perform a fly over before searching.

6. If your plane goes down, try to sight a line between the field and tree or other object so that you
    don't get too far off track.

7. Don't go searching without long pants on.

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