Members Login
MAR/C members must login to view information that is “members only” and to post information in the Forum. Members can login using their username or email address (neither are case sensitive) and their password that is case sensitive.  Members that have not received a password and members that have forgotten their password, should click on “Forgot Password?” Then enter username or email address, answer the captcha question and click on “E-mail new password”. A new password will be sent by email (may take several minutes) and must be used within 24 hours.

My Account
Members may change their password, email address and other information by clicking the “My Account” tab. Click on “Edit” and the following will appear:  “Account”, “Club Member Personal Information” and “My newsletter”. Under “Account”, e-mail address and password may be changed. Under “Club Member Personal Information”, name, address and phone number may be changed. Under “My newsletter”, members may subscribe or unsubscribe to the Marymoor R/C newsletter. Click on “Save” at the bottom of the page to save changes.

Information about modeling may be exchanged in the Forum. Anyone may read what has been posted but only members that are logged in will be able to add new information (topics). Topics will not be published and will not appear publically on the website until a MAR/C web team member has approved the topic; it may take up to 24 hours for an approval.

Posting a new topic begins with clicking on the “Forum” tab, clicking one of the categories such as “Classifieds” and then clicking “New Topic”. Next add a “Subject”, select a category from the “Forums” drop-down box and add information to the “Body”.

 Photos, document files, pdf files and other files maybe uploaded provided that the file size is not larger than 5 MB and the file extensions are one of the following: jpg, jpeg, gif,  png,  txt,  doc,  xls,  pdf,  ppt,  pps,  odt,  ods,  odp. Click on “File Attachment” and then “Browse” to locate the file. Then click on “Attach”. Repeat to upload another file.

Finally click on “Save”. This will save the Topic and notify the web team that it is available to be reviewed. The user will receive an email to this effect. Following approval, the Topic will be published.

Members may submit photos and youtube videos (provide link) to the Webmaster for posting in the Gallery.
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