Attention new Drone Flyers


Attention Drone Flyers: 


If you just got a shiny new drone and are looking for a place to fly it, here’s something you need to understand if you want to fly at the Marymoor R/C Club's field in Marymoor Park, Redmond: 


According to King County code the only area which you are allowed to fly any R/C aircraft including drones at Marymoor Park is within the Marymoor R/C field’s designated airspace.  There is no special distinction with drones to allow them to fly in any other area of the park. They qualify as R/C aircraft and must abide by the same rules.  You must fly from the pilot stations next to the runway and you cannot fly in the parking lot at the R/C field or any other location within the park.  This is a liability issue and the park staff will insist on your following the rules.  


In order to fly at Marymoor R/C field you must be a member. Joining the club is easy and provides you access to the Eastside's most accessible and best maintained hobby flying field. Membership is required so that we can provide the necessary liability protection to the park, by ensuring that proper safety rules are followed. 


If you want to share our facility, you’ll need to follow these steps to become a proficient drone pilot and club member: 


1.  If your new drone weighs more than 250 grams (0.55 lbs) and you want to fly it outside, to do so legally, the FAA requires that you register as a recreational unmanned aircraft pilot.  You can do that here: 


2.  Before you can join MAR/C you first need to sign up for an AMAfullmembership (  The AMA’s park pilot program does not satisfy MAR/C's AMA requirement, so you must sign up for the full membership.  With this $75 a year membership, you get $2.5 million of liability insurance, access to many club events, and a cool R/C - drone magazine.  For pilot/owners under 19 years old, the membership is free and valid until the year that the pilot turns 19. 


3.  Once you have received your membership card from AMA in the mail, take the AMA number on your card and join MAR/C using our webpage and paying online (  Remember that if the pilot is under 19 years old, select the Junior membership and check out for free.  If the pilot is 19 years or older, select the Adult membership.  The current annual membership fee is $40 for an adult. 


4.  You will then receive a provisional membership card which allows you to fly with any full MAR/C member overseeing your flights until you pass your proficiency check. 


5.  When you are ready, schedule a proficiency check with one of our check pilots (  Once you pass the proficiency check, you will be issued a regular membership card and full flying privileges.  At this time, you are free to fly any time you want in accordance with the MAR/C field rules.  During the proficiency check flight, you will need to show that you can control your drone in manual mode (no GPS stabilization) and that you know and understand the flying boundaries and field rules. 


Membership in our club provides you with an excellent approved area for flying, as more and more other areas become restricted. Also as a club member you’ll learn how to operator your aircraft in a safe manner. A drone can give you the false sense of safety since it does some amount of the work of flying for you. But keep in mind that anything that has spinning propellers on it and some amount of weight to it can be a danger to the people or property around it, if it gets out of control. And as you learn to fly, it will most likely get out of your control as you make mistakes. Even when proficient at flying you also must understand that these aircraft are filled with complex sensors which can fail at any time. That doesn’t happen as often, but it does happen, and when it does if you are in the wrong place bad things can happen. 


Have fun and fly responsibly!  MAR/C is home to over 250 active modelers with a wealth of knowledge regarding drones and other R/C aircraft. Keep an eye on the website for event announcements or show up to our training program during the summer for some hands-on instruction. 

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