Applying Monocote and Other Mylar Materials

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John F. Hurley
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1) There are many different products, all are applied similarly.

2) One of the main differences are low heat and high heat.

3) Monocote and Ultracote are of the high heat version.

4) Using the others, it may be necessary to start with low heat and work your way up.

5) If the material does not seem to adhere, the heat is too low or you forgot to peel off the backing. One fellow lost the bottom covering of his wing because the backing was not removed.

6) Using these coverings can seem wasteful but cut with about 1 inch oversize of the object you are covering. You need this to hold onto it in order to pull tight.

7) Items needed are sealing iron, heat gun, scissors, exacto knife and masking tape.

8) As we begin remember that we want to attach covering to the circumference of the object only.

9) When shrinking with the heat gun a gas is given off and the air between the covering and a solid surface will expand, exit holes are needed.

10) On an open frame, this is of no concern.

11) A quarter of an inch of overlap is desirable on all edges.

12) Cover the most visible surfaces last so that the overlap will not be as noticeable.

13) The iron is used to seal around all the edges. The heat gun is then used to shrink the covering.

14) After covering one section trim circumference to about a quarter of an inch and iron this down.

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