2012 MAR/C Pilot Certification Requirements for new and returning members.


With the increase of new members and those returning from being away for awhile, the board of directors is asking that all members maintain proficient flight skills that meet or exceed the AMA and the Marymoor RC Club conditions for flight safety. That means it is mandatory that every club member must have a firm knowledge of AMA and MAR/C rules and regulations. Also they must know where to find them and how to adhere to these flight safety requirements while they are operating and flying on our field. Each issue of Model Aviation prints the AMA National Safety Code in the back of the magazine. MAR/C rules are on our web site and clearly posted at the field. There will be no excuses for not knowing or adhering to these regulations. There will be zero tolerance for members willingly violating flight safety directives to the extent of permanently loosing membership and flight privileges at MAR/C.


As of January of 2012 all new members and those returning from a one year absence or more will be required to exhibit knowledge and flight safety competence before a designated club member before they can fly solo at our field. Essentially, this will by your “check ride” to demonstrate the correct and safe operation of RC airplanes at Marymoor Park. This includes knowledge of the boundaries, limitations and the restrictions all of us must obey, along with responsible and competent control of your aircraft.


Each applicant will be required to properly prepare their aircraft, taxi, take off, fly and land their four channel airplane of choice, twice before they will be permited to fly solo at our field. During these check rides, all pilots must demonstrate command and control, reporting their intentions for other pilots to hear. This includes proper consideration for other airplanes and pilots on the flight line.


Failure to pass this flight safety check ride will restrict any member from solo flight operations and the possession of a certified-to-fly open MAR/C membership card. There are no limits to the amount of check rides allowed for members to demonstrate safe and proper flight proficiency as required by the AMA and MAR/C.


The board understands that it may take additional training to achieve reliable flight competence. MAR/C provides the finest flight training the area and will continue to do so. This flight safety requirement is designed to better insure that incidents and accidents are kept to the bare minimum. The MAR/C field is a mixed airplane and helicopter site. The potential for in-air or ground incursions are always present. Proper flight skills must be maintained if we are to avoid incidents that could close the field. That is what is at stake here. Proper prevention demands that we insure our members have the knowledge and skills to fly safely in our confined airspace. That is why these check rides are required. Most other clubs around the country demand proof of proficiency before they allow open membership. We are too big and vulnerable not to require compliance.


Please consult our web site for the list of authorized check ride instructors. Keep in mind we are all in this together. MAR/C is the best RC value in the northwest. Each of us is responsible for our actions and those of others. It’s up to every member to protect our field; now and in the future.


Practice, Fly safe, Have fun.


Patrick L. Pranica

Safety Officer


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