MAR/C Membership Renewal

Every year AMA sends each of its members a renewal reminder notice on the anniversary of the member's membership.  We have not, in the past done likewise on the assumption that the AMA reminder would serve also to remind our members of the need to maintain their MARC membership as well.

We have revised that assumption and will henceforth send renewal reminders to our membership by both e-mail and Facebook.

MAR/C November Club Meeting


The November MAR/C Club meeting will be held on the third Thursday of the month, November 16. Please note that the meeting will START AT 7:30 PM and conclude at 9:30 PM.

There will be a swap meet and the results of the MAR/C Board of Directors election will be announced.

MAR/C October Club Meeting

Several 2017 University of Washington aerodynamic design students and Chuck Bower, our AMA District XI VP, will present the project airplane. This is always an outstanding presentation; don’t miss it.

Also, Jeff Schlimmer will show diagrams and/or photos of the foam flying wing that we will build in 2018.

MAR/C September Club Meeting

The September Club meeting will be held this Thursday, September 21. Last year, John Hurley led the build of a balsa wood kit airplane (Sig 4 Star 20 E electric). Earlier this year, Jeff Schlimmer manufactured foam F-15 airplane kits, electric powered, that were built during a Club meeting. Both of these airplanes are good flyers. What airplanes would you like to build next?

What topics would you like to see presented at a Club meeting? Can you make a presentation or do you know someone that can make a presentation? Fill out the questionnaire at the meeting.